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to explore, discover, and grow.


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Student Testimonials 

“I have very little theatre experience compared to my peers. I felt that after Dorea's time with us I was able to better portray my character and give them a more realistic touch. I will use what she taught us not just in theatre, but with interviews and essays. I now have a better perspective on the mindsets of others and can use that to my advantage.” (10th grader)

“Dorea was great to work with and easy to get along with. Her energy made opening up and trying new things easier.” (8th grader)

“I've loved getting coaching from Dorea! Her manner is delightfully fun and friendly and she creates an atmosphere of intentional work. Her approach to acting technique has sparked fresh realizations for me, and she's helped me make new connections in my acting. I've left each session feeling energized and excited, with plenty of useful tips to keep chewing on!” (Junior in college)

“I liked when Dorea asked what type of learner I am. She helped me understand the context in a way that was easy for me to get. She has a nice spirit and her personality was very welcoming. I hope to have more sessions with her.” (7th grader)

“Because of Dorea’s work ethic/spirit, my daughter attributes her coaching experience with Dorea as one of the keys to her confidence and audition readiness!” (Parent of an 8th grader)


“Dorea is really kind and funny and I admire her imagination. I hope to see her again soon.” (11th grader)

“Working with Dorea was honestly a blast! She helped us every step of the way and showed me different and new ways to interpret the music which I found a lot better than what I already knew. She has lot of energy and just a bubble of happy and fun around her. She is really great to work with and I would totally do it again.” (12th grader)

“Dorea’s workshop was so helpful. It was so great to hear about the industry from someone who’s actually working in it - it actually really helped me make some decisions about what I’m looking for in the future.” (12th grader)

“Dorea really helped me find the truth in my monologue and relate it to myself. She was a very positive energy to have in class and I loved all of the exercises she brought in. I really hope she will come back again!” (11th grader)

“My monologue has improved tenfold since working with Dorea. Thank you so much for the insight you have provided.” (12th grader)

“I learned so much from Dorea’s workshop. The advice and knowledge that she gave made me a better actress. I will continue to implement the techniques she taught. Thank you!” (9th grader)

“Dorea was enthusiastic and seemed to love teaching us. I liked how she helped me a lot with the acting, and finding keywords in each phrase was really helpful. I know it will take me awhile to get used to acting, but I feel that in the few days I’ve worked with Dorea, I have improved and learned a lot.”

(8th grader)

“Working on my music with Dorea has been really helpful to improve my theatre/acting/musical skills. First off, finding out what the music means to me, my character, and the musical itself really helped me to find focal words in the phrases and to form the phrases themselves. Second, finding out what I should  do with myself during the song and making it seem more realistic and genuine. Finally, seeing the way she works to try and connect what I am doing with things I can relate with really helped me. Thanks for everything!” (12th grader)

“I had a very good experience working with Dorea. She really helped me with my confidence and my acting. She helped me out of my comfort zone and her ways of teaching are very effective!” (10th grader)

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